Glaze Stains
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Code No. View Picture Color Components Max temp. Oxide Reduce
RT-102 Dark Blue Glaze Stain Co-Al Dark Blue Glaze Stain can stand up to 1350°C. Dark Blue Glaze Stain with excellent oxide
RT-103 Turquoise Blue Glaze Stains Zr-V-Si 1250°C Excellent Good
RT-105 Ceramic Glaze Stain Co-Ai Ceramic Glaze Stain can stand up to 1350°C. Ceramic Glaze Stain is an excellent dark blue glaze stain. Good
RT-123 Ceramic Pigment Co-Si Ceramic Pigment is able to stand high temperature up to 1350°C. Excellent Ceramic Pigment is a Dark Blue Glaze Stain with good reduce.
RT-126 Ceramic Stain Co-Cr-Al-Zn Ceramic Stain 1350°C Excellent Good
RT-288 Grey Glaze Stain Zr-Si-Co-Ni 1300°C
Excellent Good
RT-289 Grey Glaze Stains Zr-Si-Co-Ni 1300°C

We offer two kinds Grey Glaze Stains in different colors.
Excellent Good
RT-303 Yellow Glaze Stains Zr-Si-Pr 1250°C Excellent
RT-396 Tan Glaze Stains Zr-V 1280°C Excellent
RT-401 Black Glaze Stain Co-Cr-Fe-Ni 1300°C Excellent Good
RT-402 Black Glaze Stains Cr-Fe-Ni Our Black Glaze Stains can stand temperature up to 1300°C. Excellent
RT-603 Brown Glaze Stain Zn-Fe-Cr-Al 1280°C Excellent
RT-605 Glaze Stain Zn-Fe-Cr-Al 1280°C Glaze Stain is a Brown Glaze Stain with excellent oxide.
RT-606 Brown Glaze Stains Fe-Cr-Zn-Al 1300°C
Our Brown Glaze Stains can endure high temperature.
Excellent Good
RT-607 Red Brown Glaze Stains Zn-Fe-Cr-Al 1280°C Excellent
RT-615 Glaze Stains Fe-Cr-Zn-Al 1300°C Excellent Good
RT-640 Dark Brown Zn-Fe-Cr-Ni 1280°C Excellent
RT-701 Green Glaze Stains Cr-Al 1300°C Excellent Good
RT-702 Peacock Green Glaze Stains Co-Cr-Zn-Al 1300°C Excellent Good
RT-707 Peacock Green Glaze Stains Co-Cr-Zn-Al 1300°C Excellent Good